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Whether you have been driving for years or just recently got your first driver's license, you may now be in the market for car insurance. Minimum car insurance requirements are mandated by UK law (stated in the Road Traffic Act 1988), but they are in place for reason. This coverage protects you from financial costs associated with damage to your vehicle, to other vehicles that are involved in a car accident, and injury to yourself or others, too. You may think that all insurance companies offer fairly similar rates and that it's not worth shopping around to save a small amount of money. However, if you take just a few minutes today to get online car insurance quotes, you can see for yourself that rates offered do vary significantly.

Why Car Insurance Rates Vary

Before you start shopping around for car insurance quotes online, it may help you to understand why rates will vary so significantly from one company to another. Insurance companies in general take into account the same factors when calculating insurance rates, but they each have their own internal way to analyse these factors. For instance, one insurance company may grant you leniency for just one traffic violation if the rest of your driving history is clear, but another company may bump your rate up for this traffic violation. Further, most insurance companies provide a variety of discounts on their insurance policies, but these discounts are not uniform. One insurance company may provide a discount for taking a driver's safety course, but another may provide a discount for not having an accident in the last three years. These discounts affect your premium cost, and when multiple discounts are applied, the savings can add up quickly.

Factors Affecting Insurance Rates

So just what are these factors that insurance companies take into account when calculating rates? Here are some of the more dominant factors that will be considered for rate calculation:

  1. >> your driving record
  2. >> the make, model, and age of your vehicle to determine value and repair costs
  3. >> safety equipment in your car, such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and a theft deterrent system
  4. >> the crime rate in your area
  5. >> how far you drive when commuting to work
  6. >> discounts you may qualify for

Why Shopping Online Saves Money

Understanding more about how rates are calculated and why they are different can help you to understand why it is important to really shop around and find the best deal. Simply getting a few quotes here and there will not necessarily help you find the best deal. You will need to really canvas the the various insurance companies if you want to get the lowest rate possible, and getting car insurance quotes online provides you with a faster and easier way to do this.

How To Shop For Online Car Insurance Quotes

Shopping for quotes for new car coverage online is fast and easy. You will want to have some information on hand, such as dates of previous accidents and traffic violations, vehicle information like its year and model, a list of safety items your vehicle has, and other such information. This information may be requested while completing an online quote request form, as will other information such as your age, marital status, home address, and work address. This may sound like a lot of information, but most people can complete the online form within just a few minutes. The forms are available to use any time of day or night, and so they are convenient for even the busiest of individuals to use. Other options for getting quotes including going through a third-party car insurance broker or physically calling each insurance company yourself. Many people prefer to get their quotes online themselves.

Shop For Rates Often

Using an online quote form to get quotes is a great way to ensure you get the lowest rate possible right now. However, you should be aware that the lowest rate today may not be the best rate possible a few months from now. Many factors that go into calculating rates like your local crime rate, your driving history, and more will change regularly. Further, sometimes the analytical system that a motor insurance company uses to calculate rates will change. Rates may also change with a specific company due to supply and demand or other economic factors, too. It is often recommended to shop for rates every six to twelve months to ensure you don't pay more than is necessary for your coverage. With the online car insurance quotes, this is a simple and easy step to take that can keep your expenses down.

There are many different ways to shop for a new motor insurance policy, but you will find that shopping online for quotes and using a rate comparison site is among the fastest and easiest ways to shop. By providing you with a convenient way to get more quotes, you are more likely to find the best rate possible for your vehicle insurance premium. Last but not least, some advice. Check that the car insurance provider is registered with the FSA and read more about insurance in general from the UK government funded the Money Advice Service.

"Getting car insurance quotes online saves you money & time!"